Begin Order

  1. To begin, either select your first item or use the “Begin order” tab at the top of the page. You will be prompted to either select carryout or delivery. (Choose carryout if you would like to pick up your order via curbside.)
  2. Next, you will be prompted with 2 questions. First, when would you like your order prepared? 2 options here: ASAP, or select a time in the future. ASAP is the fastest depending on our flow of business at the time you order. Now you will be asked if you want curbside. If you choose yes, you will be prompted with input fields to enter your vehicle information. Curbside is located on the West side of our building. We have a camera and will bring it to you car on that side of the building when the order is completed.
  3. A Quantity option is available under each item if you are ordering multiples of a single item. The items must be identical including the same side choice. If there are different modifications for each item, you will not be able to change those. The order must be identical. We suggest not using this feature unless you want two of the same item, same modifications, and same side.
  4. Select the shopping cart when your order is completed. You can double check the items ordered here before you input cc information. Once reviewed, you will have to scroll down to a black checkout tab. Select checkout and you will be prompted to enter your info. Please enter info as it is on the credit card you are using.
  5. Payment information, please select “New card payment”. Enter all pertaining information including zip code to proceed. You may have to scroll down to complete address info. After info is entered, select “Save payment”. The system only saves it for this transaction and does not save it for any future orders.
  6. Lastly, your total will be shown and there is options for leaving a gratuity. You may have to scroll up to see total. Gratuities are optional and we appreciate them, but they are not required! If you choose not to leave a gratuity, please select the “No tip” button and proceed to “Submit you order” button. You will be asked “Ready to submit?”. If all card info is correct, including name as it appears on card, address, expiry, and zip code, you should receive a confirmation that your order was placed.